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How We Got StartedRose Whaley, a metaphysic/spiritual, and the author of five dynamic self-healing and empowerment books:   Rose Whaley is one of the best authors, she shares her life stories and others that will help change lives. She was diagnosed with an incurable disease named Sarcoidosis in March 1987, that's when she started to wake up learning to remember her true DIVINE self and learning how she created the dis-ease consciously or unconsciously. She learned how to reconnect with her power within and healed all the imbalances (illnesses) and wrote her first book- The Book Without a Name was the winner of Aspicomm Media, Inc.’s S’Indie Trailblazer Award. years later wrote Ascension, Soul Retrieval, Resurrection part-1 and 2, and WHY? part 1 and 2. Rose conducted signings at major book retailer Barnes and Noble and has provided comprehensive interviews to various magazines, talk blog radio, and cable shows. Since 2003, an extension of her life’s philosophy (“the Power resides within you”) is relayed weekly on her cable- produced television show Self-Awareness which won awards. All her books and television shows have provided her with a loyal international and local audience. Her show: SELF AWARENESS, was NOMINATED twice by the network of Brooklyn first"BRIC AWARD FREE SPEECH" for the OUTSTANDING PROGRAM FEATURE /SEGMENT. AFFILIATED FREE SELF AWARENESS WORKSHOPS in NY.                                I CONDUCT ED WORKSHOPS for CONNECTICUT HALF WAY HOUSE and the HOMELESS SHELTER, YMCA-BISEXUAL N-TRANSGENDER COMMUNITY. CHILDREN’S AID SOCIETY’S EMPLOYEE’S DE-STRESS REJUVENATION HEALTH FAIR, as a HOLISTIC HEALTH/ COUNSELING, a conference on Black love relationship in Manhattan NY., Keynote speaker at-HOLISTIC & NATURAL HEALING DAY at The BRONX ACADEMY,  and COMMUNITY EVENTS.  Lectures at: SUNKOFA shop and at HOLISTIC EXPO & SPIRITUAL   UNITY CONFERENCE, NATIONAL BLACK THEATER in Harlem NY. Was featured in  BRONX WEEK MAGAZINE EVENTS,  INNER  REALM MAGAZINE.                                                                                                                         ROSE'S FASHION                                                                                                                                                                                               ROSE WHALEY started designing and sewing since 1968 opened her first CUSTOMS MADE CUSTOM MADE FASHION BOUTIQUE SHOP in 1978 and the second 1996. Her FASHION DESIGNS which has been feathered in SEVERAL MAGAZINES, several as well as the NEW YORK Daily Newspaper, on Cable TV shows, The FAMOUS  APOLLO THEATER, The COTTON CLUB in HARLEM N. Y., Video MUSIC BOX  and many Clubs in NEW YORK and CONNECTICUT, in GUYANA South America, many FUNDING RAISING EVENTS, HIGH SCHOOLS, CHURCHES,COLLEGES, UNIVERSITIES, and NEW LIFE and KWANZAA EXPOS.