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Rose Fashions Featured at: The  World Famous Apollo Theater, the Cotton club and others, Newlife and Black Expos, Kwanzaa,Video Music Box TV, Colleges and other events. In the N.Y. Daily new, Upscale, Class and other Magazines.  

The world Rose love  designing and making FASHION for all sizes males, females and children. She loves writing her books to people WAKE UP, HEAL and RECLAIM their TRUE POWERFUL SELF. She pray that this contest will MOVIATE you to watch either of these EMPOWERING FILMS! Please share this with EVERYONE!

 Watch, study and discuss 1 or 2 of these dvd movies: "I AM - by Tom Shadyac or "FINDING JOE - by p. Solomon" and write a 1 or 2 page ESSAY about the Film, what you learned, inner and overstand more about your True POWERFUL SELF ALMIGHTY CREATOR/GOD and how to change your life for the betterment of all. You are GIFTED, Get with it now!!!!

1st prize: $2,000 custom made outfits (for your self or love ones)

2st prize:$1,000 custom made outfits

3rd prize: $500 custom made outfits

Entry Fee $10.00 Money orders or PayPal/  (new by REQUEST)-Deadline Sept. 30, 2018 

Winner outside of NYC. pay for shipping and Handling.

Submit entries to :Rosemary Whaley

2474 Grand ave. Suite #WIN or

Bronx, New York 10468

Any questions 1-718-933-4643 or email-