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Spiritual Counselor/lecturer and workshop for Incarcerated in /Half and Way House Population Norwalk, CT -Counselor provided empowerment workshops for individuals transitioning from incarceration into the general population.

Open Door Shelter at 4 Merritt Street

South Norwalk, CT.

Workshop provided empowerment for females and males some with children going through the transition finding a new resident

 Nancy Thorne, President

CHI Associates, Inc.

2855 Shumard Oak Drive

Braselton, GA. 30517 /Corporate healthinc.com

 Provided holistic counseling at Children’s Aid Society’s for Employee De-stress Rejuvenation health Fair 4-30-2014 AND MANY OTHER HEALING/SELF EMPOWERING EVENTS

 YMC-Bisexual N-transgender community.   New York, NY                                                                    Self-Awareness Seminars/Workshops  -TRS inc.New York, NY.   

Rose facilitated at a Conference  on Blacklove relationship in Manhattan NY., in 2011 with Dr. Bolling MD.

Reliable, multi-faceted, & efficient Spiritual Empowerment Teacher/ SPIRITUAL Advicer and Counseling 30+ years. Cable Television producer and Hostess international for  since 2002. Creator Author and Publisher of educational and resources tailored to literacy, spiritual awakening, personal growth, health, wealth, healing lifestyle and world peace. Author and Publisher, Spiritual Life Coach/ Teacher, Counselor and Supervisory/Leadership Abilities, Effective Communicator, Conflict & Resolution Management, Newlife Expo, New York

 Self-Awareness-Who’s Truth TV Program Bronxnet CableVision/ manhattan neighborhood network, Bric BROOKLYN Public Network